Guarantee Policy

Unless other documents provide otherwise, ALSC sp. z o. o. provides the Buyer with a warranty for the goods sold
white LED modules by themselves, for a period of 60 months from the date of sale of the goods
based on the following conditions:
1. The warranty covers manufacturing defects of lighting components that prevent them from being used
use as intended. The warranty only covers defects resulting from causes
inherent in the goods, i.e. hidden defects resulting from production defects or hidden defects
2. The parameters of new LED modules are subject to a tolerance of +/-10% of the value.
3. The warranty does not cover goods:
a) Damaged intentionally or damaged mechanically, chemically, thermally, electrically or
as a result of natural wear and tear.
b) Used inconsistently with the intended use, instructions for use or regulations
c) Improperly maintained or stored where alterations have been made,
changes or repairs by unauthorized service.
d) Devices that have not been installed by qualified personnel
necessary permissions.
4. Does not constitute a defect
a) Decrease in luminous flux above 70% of the initial value
b) Color change
c) Natural wear of the materials used, e.g. yellowing, matting of coatings
5. The buyer is obliged to submit a complaint in writing within 7 days from the date of detection
defects, and after agreeing on the shipping conditions, deliver the complained goods to the registered office
Seller. The report should include a detailed description of the detected defect. If in the process
When considering a complaint, it will be necessary to obtain additional information related to the defect
or the method of use of the goods, the Buyer is obliged to provide all necessary
data and information. The warranty is subject to processing within 21 business days from the date of delivery
the goods to the Seller's office, with the reservation, however, that if a complaint is filed
required detailed technical examinations, their duration automatically extends the period
handling complaints. When considering complaints, their validity is assessed with consideration
applicable technical standards.
6. Under the warranty, the Seller may, at his own discretion, perform a free repair, or
replacement with defect-free, all items covered by the warranty, which will be recognized and
confirmed by the Seller as defective. The Seller may also refund the Buyer
the amount paid if repair or replacement is impossible or economically unjustified.
The deadline for fulfilling the warranty obligation is 14 days from the date of acceptance of the complaint, and may
be extended in the event of circumstances beyond the Seller's control. Period
the warranty of a defective product is extended by the time of warranty repair
7. In the event of a justified complaint, the Seller will cover the cost of returning the goods to
Buyer's registered office. The seller does not bear any additional costs related to the exchange
damaged goods.
8. In the event of an unfounded complaint, all costs incurred in connection with its consideration will be borne by the Customer
9. The Seller reserves the right to verify the defect of the goods covered by the warranty at the place where
in which the goods are used, after receiving a complaint from the Buyer. NO
providing the Buyer with access to the Seller's representatives to the complained about
the device is treated as a waiver of the complaint.
10. The complaint procedure ends with the preparation of a complaint report.
11. The Seller expressly excludes its liability for loss or damage
any benefits, loss of the ability to use the Product, loss of functionality of the Product,
loss of contracts, loss of business, loss of revenue or anticipated savings, increased
costs or expenses or any other indirect, consequential or special loss or damage.
The Seller's obligations under this warranty are limited to the costs that
in total, they do not exceed the price of the goods themselves.
12. The warranty granted by ALSC sp. z o. o. is not transferred to third parties